vancouver & a nade

tomorrow im off to the next major city in Canada on my list to see my lady after 2 months (its gonna be good) & to take part in Vancouver's humble comic con. Not sure if im completely happy with the pic above, i think i'll tweak it some more, or just redo it, but it's nice to have a chance to work in illustrator for a bit. So if you're in the vancouver area come on by, kick some sand in my eye, & maybe if your lucky will be worthy enough to talk to my girl. I'll have prints, a bunch of new blobs & my sketch books. Oh & its only running from 11-5 so hurry on in

look what im part of! A custom toy event on Oct 4! we're doing our renditions of B.U.D. & Nade toys. Check out the new cool store Camion De Pompier for more details when things get closer to the show. It's gonna be my first time doing one of these, im pretty stoked, i think ive got a pretty darn good idea for my nade. The toys are gonna be up for sale during the show & boris is sponsoring, so consumption of beverages is requested. Come on out montrealers

its been too long, & will probably be just as long before i do some more again, but i got 2 more mojizu's up for the vote. These 2 fellas were found a new & almost complete, cuz i just got my hard drive back from getting all the data recovered WOO! just click their pretty faces

Bountee has also suffered from me being too busy to create any new content, but i have released chewy in blue for the girls

& a guys black skull shirt

both are in the "most wanted" section, so thanks peeps for voting. nice thing about bountee is regardless of whether people vote your shirt on to the most wanted, you can still buy any shirt thats made on there, fancy eh?

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CaveMatt said...

Dale! Geez man, you're like your own cottage industry now. Sorry I didn't make it down to the con to check out this stuff. Kelly said he saw ya. Anyway, as usual all your stuff looks awesome. The new Mojis have my vote.