more shirts & some sketches

put some more up, check em out here bountee


sketches from a newly filled moleskin

one more week til calgary


justin said...

oi! Chucky Norris. what?!? you're going to Calgary? The NFB is letting you out?
Awesome stuff man. The girls below are fine. Been crazy busy at HG but I'll write more when I can. Haven't even listened to your podcasts yet.
Miss you guys.

DaLe said...

ya dawg! im leaving friday night & coming back monday during the day, so im really only missing half of monday, which is the day their doing foley, which shouldnt be missed.

HG was trying to get me on that one too, it sounds like you're doing it all, oh & florian says bonjour, im going to post my drawings soon from the life drawing session at his place

Eric Z said...

cool stuff! I like that tshirts they look awesome!!

Kelly Conley said...

These t-shirts are so cool Dale. Sweet Chewy. And I really love the Rock Out...!

DaLe said...

nuff talk. let your purchases speak! HA!