hot house & more

So lately ive been doing this little thing in montreal called the Hot house. Its a program where i work at the nfb in montreal & work on my own little 30 sec film along with 5 other canadians & 2 brazilians. We have 3 months to do it & we're already a month in, so things are starting to pick up. People are great, nfb building feels like a government office inside a hospital, but we have a great little oasis of creativeness off in the corner. heres alittle sample of what may come to be in the film, very different from what ive done in the past & im having fun doing it, OH also we were featured on Cartoon Brew go down to april 2

Of course you knew it would happen, everyone ends up in a reality show & then eventually a podcast, well Maral (associate prod) is doing both & you can keep up with all the gossip & hype every week right here - HotHouse Podcast

Also my bro, his friend neil & i will be in Calgary for the Calgary Expo on April 29. We're not big enough (or at all) to get mentioned, but we'll be there & if you happen to be around that part of the country please stop by our table & spit in your hand for a shake

take care & hope to post more soon - everyone always says that & no one ever comes through, well i plan on following tradition

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