why waiting for paint to dry, ive been painting other things, like this

starting to like my new drawing style, im really trying to just not think so much, which may not be a good thing normally, but im finding my own style coming out of it, which can never be bad. ive been copying other people for so long, nice to see something come out of my brain that isnt 5 different artists recycled into a drawing. like it not, let me know, im still going to do it



Kelly Conley said...

This is very interesting, Dale. I like the direction of this stuff. It seems very stream of conciousness and sometimes the most vibrant stuff comes out of that. I am very interested to see where this goes.

DaLe said...

cheers man, thats exactly what it is, im drawing straight with pen & just seeing where it goes. Trying to reference all the junk in my head without thinking about it, not as easy it should be

CaveMatt said...

Hey Dale! How's the new place? Sorry I missed the going away party. I was actually, ironically, out of town that weekend.

This stuff is waaaay different from what I've seen of you before. What's your approach with these? Sort of like a blind contour from your head? Or more like finding something in a shape that you blot down with the colour? Anyway, the bird and the blue faced guy(3rd down) are my favourites. I think this style lends itself to distortion, push it in crazy directions.