some drawing of life

Sylvie & i went life drawing for her first time in her life & my first time in four years last monday & will try to make it a regular thing since its only across the hall at florians place, thanks man. i was pretty rusty, but not nearly as bad as i thought i would be, always helps to have a good model, heres a few

oh & the video podcasts are still going, watch me bore you to death



goutwort said...

Nice drawings, Dale. I've only been figure drawing once since gradutation and it did not go anywhere near as smooth as it seemed to have gone for you.

Eric Z said...

I gotta do some more life drawing too. It's amazing how easy it can come after all the time you've been out eh? Pretty good indication that you have improved. Your stuff looks good, what length in time are these?

DaLe said...

yea i was really surprised that the night went as well as it did, no pressure makes a huge dif. most of the poses were about 3-5 min, there was one long pose, that turned out meh.