Apr 15

fishys for this past years halloween costume, & of course the ridiculous costume. its of a sad individual drinking kilkenny in a haliburton submarine, made from foam core. jesus why am i posting this? gotta go small next year, these big costumes can get really annoying



Eric said...

Nice fish. Inspired by finding nemo? Kinda like Finding nemo in fresh water. The Robot love is nice (Ratchet and clankesque). And so are the vector drawings in illustrator. They Remind me alot like that guys stuff you had on your wall or for that matter lava life. Nice use of convex curves. Looks good, but I don't get why theres a half naked mullet man drinking beer for your sisters bday card? Lay off the weed. hehehehehehe

DaLe said...

those are the only people my sis hangs out with, brampton has fucked her up! we need to rescue her from the horror of that suburban purgatory. shans too far gone, hes lost already, consider him dead to us.