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Champlain revisited

i animated this in after effects last year with flo painting his magic. the other day i realized that its been out for over a year, tons of people have seen it, so why not you? It's our excerpt from the short film "Facing Champlain", an NFB/ONF 3d stereoscopic film playing at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City. You really should go down there if you get the chance, we all put a ton of work into the whole film & this doesn't give you the full impression in all its 3d magic, i also added for this screening some music to help you along your voyage au canada.

oh & watch it BIG


p said...

I like the new soundtrack

p said...

where's sarah's dragonfly?

DaLe said...

this is just my render, before sara's addition

Anonymous said...

sarah's dragonfly was eaten by a yellow bird that flew away