Hipp vs Lumb

A few former animator workmates whom i like to refer to as "friends" have finished a film that was long time in the making. Andrew "the Garlic Flame" Strimatis & Charles "Hog Tamer" Greenfield have created an epic tale consisting of a treehugger, a treecutter, a treehater, & a treedweller, all locked in the greatest battle our age has ever seen.

i star as the hater, but i dont support hate especially any towards this film, click on each pic to allow your eyes to be spoiled
part 1

part 2

part 3

got another mojizu in the running, click her to vote

& sylvie's gone to taste the fresh air of British Columbia, leaving me with way too much to do. what the hell am i updating my blog for, screw you blog!


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Rodrigo said...
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