stratching backs

So sales of my shirts have been doing not too shabby over at Bountee & i thank all the fine folks who have decided to grace theyre wonderful breasts with my art. i was even featured on a t shirt blog called TCritic which i think is very funny & cool.

ive made this little thang for shan's bday which was 2 days ago **EDIT** you can actually see the pic now, so click on him

he's also a mojizu

now if you happen to be a keen student you'll have noticed some new additions to the right hand side of my blog. firstly, is a thing called Digg which is a site where you can vote for sites or articles that you really like & people can check them out, share cool stuff you found, etc. cool way of letting people know that you like their shit, so if you dont think mine smells too bad, maybe you could digg mine? no? ok nevermind

also i put up a few picture links to some illustration communities im part of, in particular monday art day is cute little group that offers prizes to the best weekly & monthly pic. also check out the others, because they dont enjoy eating children like me

& some sketches for good measure. orig sketch for shans pic

i plan on finishing a few of these octupii

Cuz i like to glue things in my book that i find in the splendid parks of montreal. this one may turn into a mojizu at some point at a later date on this very computer if you are so lucky

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CaveMatt said...

So, I'm thinkin' Timothy 2 Elbows should be a show. He's like a weird man child who goes around doing good deeds that require extra flexible arms. You need a cute girl, a neighborhood bully and a curmmugeon to round out the cast.