A finished film & side of a lot of other things

its done, & it went well, very well, nothing crazy, completed with very kind help from the people at the NFB. Not many other places would even do a program like this, nor hire people just to take care of us, very flattering. I was a skeptic of the board at first, but theyve won me over in a way that i would be proud to have their logo & support on my next films. Our big wrap party is on monday & we're planning on swatting a few birdies around with rackets.

Can't wait to show the masses my film, its been a good evolution, nice to see a film to completion. i'll keep posted on whens it online & poor quality to see. but of course in the meantime, please creating laugh wrinkles at the expense of me

In other news, i got one of my shirts from Bountee in the mail, look how bitchn i represent!!

good quality, & they are not ill-willed people, i'll be ordering more soon

After my veins had healed after the Flickr addiction, my low will-powered self clutched on to Mojizu I have of course done it more than once lately, the infamous & famous Chewy

& Gerald cuz he likes to pay for meals

If i think of anything else, i'll call you later


Diego Stoliar said...

Oh my friend...we had an interview today...cause we are important people, you know....hahahahah

Tomorrow we probably will not be there again cause we have a meting with the ToonBoom guys.... Maybe in the afternoon, but I don´t know for sure!

But you can calm down, your DVD is safe with us....hahahahahah.... he our hostage and you just need to pay us some big amount of money and....

Hey, this Bountee is really cool, I´m making my self a account right now :D

And take a look on the blog that I´m developing to try to write some stuff in english...
I don´t know if I will put my stuff there or from my friends in Brazil...maybe both. Tell me what you think!?

cata said...

Hello from Italy!
Your blog is amazing.
I like your style and your monsters as well hehehe.

DaLe said...

diego, you're the gleam in my eye, & now that you're back in brazil, all is left is a dry contact.

thanks cata!

Drinker said...

Love the Chewie design...very cool!

And thanks for the link to the mojizu site...one more way to spend the entire day without actually making any money.

Jody Kramer said...

um.... is gerald supposed to be a chubby version of the nfb eye-dude? I ask because he likes to pay for meals....