i thought i should post something on whats been taking over my life of late, & its almost over. About 15 days left officially, but i have to get my film done by the 17th or earlier, so yes, i should finish this thing.

check out our brasilian counterparts & their journey in our foreign land as long as you understand portugese or like me, try to discifer what the online translators are trying to say

theyre always watching

Shooting studio

look at what this Oxbury has been degraded to, its become a glorified digital camera stand

government issue Guillotines

Fellow housers James Braithwaite & Diego Stoliar

touch it, go on do it

& of course the podcasts are still going, you just have to click on the video a few times, but eventually you'll get to see me looking like an addict & kill you with boredom

more to come soon, cant believe its almost over


Florian Fiebig said...

lol...guillotines at the NFB!!
Protec' ya neck ostrich!! :O)

Diego Stoliar said...
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Diego Stoliar said...

I am a posting machiiiine :)
No work done for a while tought...

Diego Stoliar said...

Wow, thanks for the comment on the life drawing post...and also for trying to read our portuguese blog...hahahah

I gonna do one blog in english for my personal website :)
Much better hey?