calgary aftermath

5 buses, 4 planes, 1 subway, & multi car rides, my calgary weekend is over. Great time, hung out a bunch of fantastic artists, was treated like royalty from kandrix & the con posse, & got some amazing reception from the very friendly people of calgary. im only going to type in point form from now on, or forever, continuing into the night & not enjoy it at all. sorry thats over with

looooooook to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
new flashy things>>>>>>>>>>>

the chronicles:

dirty view from our swanky hotel room

geeking out drawing in the hotel lobby on sat night, robin mitchell
in the back joe pekar in the middle & shan up front ignoring conversation

he makes zombie's with his spelling, killing people with laughter

quickdraw animation society's beautiful Oxbury thats in amazing condition, i think they hire a crazy homeless calgarian to polish it every wednesday, one of the kids told me.

their side of great corner spot

mine all mine, sold out on all the chewys, the green naked lady & almost on a few others

we just didnt know where else to put it

a very well weekend, can't wait to do it again, looking into registering for the big t-dot one in august, got asked to go to manitoba's con, but who knows about that one. hopefully the potential commissions will email me = dalehayward@rogers.com , so i can keep getting paid to draw nekid ladies.

also you can vote for my mojizu & mojizu & mojizu again, its a new week, you can vote again every monday, until they get kicked off

my chewy shirt is featured on Eight face how did i find out? google knows all & they whisper in my digital ear

im also going to put up a page that you can buy prints from, hopefully some time this week, cuz they look amazing thanks to this guy & his trusty printer


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Eric Z said...

I'm going to buy a chewbacca when you print more off. It looks like you guys had a good time. Are you doing TO again this year???? Maybe I'll join you guys, I toyed with it after the last years con. Cheers ol'buddy.