Get well

A good friend & lady friend of http://airickz.blogspot.com/ has been diagnosed with a very curable type of cancer. I have no worry that she'll recover, the road may be rough, but she'll kick it. So i made her alittle card while i was doing some tests for my film, done in the same style of slapping some colours down & then finding something out of the mess



goutwort said...

Keen drawing, there Dale. I can't wait to see how your film looks. Are you guys in Montreal yet?

DaLe said...

leaving on sat (mar 3), filling the truck tomorrow, packing today, craziness all week

goutwort said...

Dale, are you drunk? Your comment makes me wonder... Thanks for telling me about the broken links though. I switched the images to my photobucket account. Hopefully that will work.

I'm sorry I missed your get-together.

Good luck in Montreal (and with the move). Stay in touch. Do you think you'll be able to show me stuff as things progess?

DaLe said...

just drunk off sarcasm & delirious from packing