The Flower

hey folks, ive just put "The Flower" on dailymotion by itself, just for my egotistic purposes. Now you can watch it over & over & over & over again

The Flower
Uploaded by Snaleeo

got another moji online too- Wilfred Rumphiemer, click his wonderful facade for your voting choices

In other mojizu news, cheriff is in the war & needs your help, bad!

Also i've updated a few things on the right, new books, music & artists, check them out, good peeps


goutwort said...

Dale, that flower animation is awesome. The bee is so friggen creepy!

Eric Z said...

That film rocks! Love the crazy horny wasp....good stuff!!

CosmicPencil said...

Found your blog via your post on Alberto Ruiz's blog...I really like this character!!!
I have been thinking about registering at Mojizu, and might still some day (when everything slows down).

This is a terrific and inspiring blog you are running here, sir!


DaLe said...

cheers gents