so guess what im finally doing?! im posting my sketches from france that we took in july of last year. woopie!

waiting at Charles de Gaulle for Sylvie's parents to arrive

waiting in line to go into the Catacombs, which was awesome, go there

Gramma preparing dinner & the whole family looking at old photos in the sun

decorative old farm tools around a decommissioned well & old wine barrels

The trailer we slept in that's sitting permanently off to the side, there wasn't enough room in the beach house

Front of the grand parents house, filled with tons of old farm tools that are now decorations with billions of flowers on them


shed in the back with old sheets of metal & some cool junk

the old apricot tree in the back that was saved after a big storm 20 years ago

view down one of the roads on grand pere's property

side of the house with a very smelly outhouse & the old chicken coop

grand pere's work shed

in a tiny little gorgeous town with an awesome name, Thegra

& that's it for the decent sketches, as always i wish i did more drawing, but it was quite a whirl wind trip, the Trouvé family sure showed us France. hopefully i'll post my drunken drawings from Geneva.

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