oil & valentine's past

I have no idea why i haven't posted this yet, but we finally put online the H2oil sequences we worked on last summer, i may of mentioned it once or twice ;) It's also premiering here in Montreal tonight!

i know the thumbnail is the same as my demo posted below, but i assure you, this is a different video

November always starts the "birthday months" for me. First off my mom's!

Found a close up of my piece done for Headquarters' "where the wild things" show. I painted this with gouache on a piece of found plank of wood. There was a box of similar pieces left out front of my building, i had to pick them up, i had to.

some nakedness. a "rejected" sketch for a client

& im almost finished a munny for my buddy Andre's Munny show on saturday in Sherbrooke


Eric Z said...

That Monster from WtWtA is awesome!!

Eric Z said...

The Video you guys did for the Tarsands is great. How long did that take? The visuals are top notch. Very nice. Hope it grabs a few awards!