lots of stuff has been happening in the world of d-ale as of late, here's just a few things

My good friends Andrea & Rob are having a silent auction in Sudbury for the devastation that went on in Haiti in which all the proceeds are going to. i had to put at least a few pieces in, so while you're getting some good art, your stack of cash is going to an even better cause than supporting artists, nothing better than that. I'll post a link the auction as soon as i know what it is, but if you're interested send me an electronic mail, hurry its over feb 11!

framed original drawing "suede" 5 x 6 (if this doesn't go for bunch of cash, i'll cause the next earthquake, it's one of the few pieces ive done that i really really like)

framed original drawing "violet sketch" 8 x 10

Next up, these pieces are up for sale at my favourite boutique, Headquarters if you're interested &/or not in montreal, give me a holla

framed splat "space ships" 4 x 6

framed original drawing "recline" 9 x 12

digital painting on canvas "Mary" 12 x 20

ALSO there's a bunch of brand new splats in their own envelopes for real cheap, i like to call them Surprise Splats!

lost more soon



Some wonderful drawings wit the added charm of a wonderful framed presentation...

Killer work..


歡唱 said...

困難要靠自己克服,障礙要靠自己衝破 ..................................................

Mitch K said...

This is the first of your work that I've seen aside from your Hothouse film. I dig your artwork!

Noah Webster said...

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