nuit blanche

so much blank canvas couldn't stop us, it just made us paint until 3am. thanks to all the kind & perplexed words from the hundreds of people that came out to watch a bunch of artists show their trade, you'll be seeing this for awhile. cheers to the en masse boys for making this brilliance of black & white come together yet again, my joy to finally be a part of it

there were so many artists involved that it becomes hard to see who did what, here's just mine the En masse blog has even more

mes oiseaux avec chapeaux

bigfoot gots his back

who will win? my bet's on the tongues.

lucky fly

here's what the previous couple nights were all about, pic from funkill

En masse couldn't be more appropriate for the events title
the canvas' will be put up just above where we painted them for all the consuming mall goers to gawk at, but who knows for how long, go get your gawks

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j@imi3 said...

Clearly amazing, I am so stoked that you got to be apart of this! I can't wait to see the final touches on the whole thing! I hope I get to see it when I'm there in a month! EEEE!
And I love how the sky was literally the limit with this.

- Jaimie