To describe in blog text on how amazing our trip to costa rica was wouldn't even do a leaf of justice, you'll just have to wait for the pictures. but in short; zoƩ is best infant to travel with, i'm born to surf & i found a ring in a dead sea urchin, so i put it on sylvie's finger, yea THAT finger.

So, after getting burnt & then recovered from the costa rican sun, i quickly slammed off this custom job for Yannick's "Burned Toast" show at HQ this past thursday. our canvas was any toaster we could find & i found a beauty at an antique store. It's so cool by itself that all i did was play with was existing on it, interesting challenge that i plan on doing again.

Repo Exuro Ferrum AKA Crawling Burnt Iron. it's still up for sale

He even works from the other side too

Here are the others from the show, great work all around. This city has so much talent

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Arthurine Mayores said...

those are all beautiful...
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